EU Compliance Services, Inc.
Environmental Testing

EU Compliance Services Inc, environmental test laboratory is located in Mentor Ohio, part of the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. Ideally placed to serve clients in the Midwest EUCS prides itself in providing high quality test services.

Temperature testing / Thermal testing / Humidity Testing
EU Compliance Services environmental test lab has a temperature & humidity chamber and engineering expertise to test over a wide range test requirements. The large chamber can accommodate multi system combinations just as well as the small products while testing through a programmable thermal cycle.

Chamber internal dimensions are:
     Width 125 cm (48")
     Depth 117 cm (46")
     Height 115 cm (45")

There are two 7.5 cm (3") diameter apertures in the side of the chamber for additional thermal probes, power cables, etc..

The temperature range is -68 to +149 °C (-90 to +300 °F).

Click the icons below for a chart of temperature change over time (no thermal load in oven):

Low Temp

High Temp


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