EU Compliance Services Inc. is the exclusive US stocking distributor for the vast range of Deltron-Emcon / Roxburgh EMI Filters and suppression components for electronic assemblies and industrial machines.

Recognized as the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer of RFI filters, Deltron-Emcon filters and components are available to you from stock.
Inclusion of an AC mains filter in a design is an important part in the overall EMC strategy for a product or system. In order to reduce the conducted emissions along the AC mains cable the correct installation of an RFI Filter (or EMI Filter) is critical if the full potential is to be realized.

Protecting a product or system from unwanted transients and surges has become another vital part of EMC strategy. Transients and surges can cause irregular operation and in some cases permanent component damage. Correct installation of transient and surge suppression can protect from expensive damage.

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