A cost efficient approach to compliance with the requirements of the European Union (EU) is vital in today’s highly competitive market. An integrated program which plans, tests and documents, considerably speeds up the certification process.

The certification of large equipment does not have to be a complicated process. Rules and regulations have now been in place for over 8 years. Accurate, knowledgeable consultancy and test services, conducted by experienced engineers can provide a clear understanding of the EU requirements. Linked with a document preparation service which supplies the finished files direct to the EU competent authorities gives manufacturers the confidence to export to Europe.

You don’t have to tear down your machine and re-assemble it at the test laboratory site, the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical Safety test/assessment and the machinery safety audit can all be performed at YOUR facility, at your convenience.

EU Compliance Services Inc. (EUCS) and its partner labs offer on-site or in-situ testing service for industrial machines which are too large and heavy to be evaluated in the typical laboratory. The decision for on-site evaluation can be a result of any one of the following conditions:
  • Size of equipment
  • Weight of equipment
  • Economical Transportation
  • Need for additional services – hydraulics/pneumatic etc.
  • Electrical mains supply
  • Specialist support equipment
The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC can be obtained from 2006/42/EEC Machinery Directive.

For a list of standards harmonised under the Machinery Directive go to 2006/42/EEC Harmonized Standards.

The European Commission have also produced a guide to the Machinery Directive. This can be obtained from 2006/42/EEC Machinery Directive Guide.

More information on general machine guarding and other relevant machinery issues related to the implementation of the Machinery Directive can be obtained from Procter Machine Guarding
Detailed analysis on the changes between the old version of EN60204-1 and the current edition can be obtained from

The Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU can be obtained from 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

For a list of standards harmonized under the Pressure Equipment Directive go to 2014/68/EU Harmonised Standards.

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