EMC Laboratory Testing
It is never too early to assess a product design for EMC performance. Access to an accurate and rapid assessment facility can expedite your product to market.EU Compliance Services can assist manufacturers through all stages of product development. Experienced engineers are available to assist in the solving of those difficult EMC issues.Products and machinery which realistically cannot be assessed in the typical EMC laboratory may be evaluated in-situ.EU Compliance Services has extensive expertise in conducting in-situ assessments for a whole range of different and diverse equipment. Working in this environment requires flexibility, patience and innovation. EU Compliance Services has an affiliation with Hursley EMC Services, Notified Body (Number 1890) of the UK, who specializes in the evaluation of on-site assessment and can issue statements of compliance.

Electrical Safety Testing
Electrical Safety assessment and test are a world-wide requirement. Ensuring that your product is safe to use and operate is vitally important in today’s world of product liability.EU Compliance Services has the expertise and is equipped to evaluate products to specific safety standards both at your facility or at our laboratory.
Product Filters
EU Compliance Services is athe exclusive stocking distributor for the vast range of Deltron-Emcon / Roxburgh EMI Filters and suppression components for electronic assemblies and industrial machines. EU Compliance Services expertise in conducted emission and immunity give you the best solution for filter application.

EU Compliance Services consultants are on hand to advise and assist manufacturers in the development and implemention of a compliance strategy.The strength of EU Compliance Services is firmly invested in its employees. The background and knowledge base adds up to over 50 years in the approvals business.
Temperature & Humidity Testing
Extremes of temperature and humidity are the leading causes of product failure. Verification of the design to product specification parameters is essential to good product performance and life.EU Compliance Services is equipped to conduct extreme temperature and humidity testing. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a reasonable environment profile for your product

CE Marking
Products which fall within the scope of European Union New Approach Directives require mandatory CE Marking. The correct application of all applicable Directives may involve third party testing, system assessment and technical file preparation. Manufacturers must be aware of the product liability issues of the European marketplace.EU Compliance Services can develop a compliance program for your product including all documentation, testing and file preparation. Experienced engineers can assist you in the fulfillment of these requirements.

Machinery Safety
Manufacturers exporting machinery to the European Union must fulfill the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EEC). This includes the need for for a comprehensive risk assessment evaluation according to EN ISO 14121-1, guidance on the requirements of safety related control functions (EN ISO 13489-1) and the development of the required Technical File. As a member of IEC TC44, EU Compliance Services participates in the maintenance of IEC 60204-1 and IEC 62046.

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